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Family Wealth-management and ESG

2018年1月23日(周二) 13:30-16:00

Jan. 23rd (Tuesday), 2018 13:30-16:00

地址:西大望路1号温特莱中心A座15层 (地铁1、14号线大望路站)

Venue: 15F Tower A, Winterless Center,1st West Dawang Road (Subway Line 1&14, Dawanglu)

* 活动语言为英语 The event is in English

背景 Background


1. ESG(环境、社会与公司治理)因素纳入投资渐成主流,SDG(联合国可持续发展目标)成为全球共识,MSCI、联合国环境署金融行动、兴全基金等机构的研究均表明ESG投资可产生稳定、超额回报。

2. Fintech科技金融,包括在线投资交易(如众筹),人工智能(如智能投顾)、区块链(如区块链货币、ICO)等,将改变投资渠道和标的。

3. 跨境资产配置,包括海外置业、海外直接投资等,尤其是面向新兴市场。人们也期待中国的一带一路倡议拓宽更多投资机遇。




Time has come to 2018 and we could see a few significant global trends which would impact the future of family wealth management:

1.  ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) integration is becoming more and more in the mainstream. Multi-year research conducted by MSCI, UNEP FI, and Aegon-industrial Fund in China verifies a more stable and excess financial return is achieved by integrating ESG into the investment process.

2. Applications of Fintech, including online investment/transactions (such as crowd-funding), Artificial Intelligence (such as robo-advisor), blockchain (such as blockchain currencies, ICO), etc., are changing investment channels and targets.

3. Cross-border asset allocation, including overseas properties, overseas investment, especially investment into emerging markets. China's Belt and Road Initiative is expected to create more investment opportunities for both Chinese and international investors.

In China, the 19th National Congress Conference of CPC setting sustainable development and ecological civilization construction as a developmental priority, the Green Financial System and is still under construction.The new rules in asset management that will be officially launched in 2020 have prompted decision makers and regulators started to promote ESG investment in 2017. In particular, stricter financial regulation, environmental monitoring and a few cases of social and corporate governance risks in 2017 has raised investors' awareness of how ESG could impact their long-term returns.

Since Fintech and Cross-border Asset Allocation are not yet mainstream, it is important to understand the near trend of ESG investment for family wealth management. This seminar will focus on the international front and domestic practice of ESG investment in family wealth management, inviting industry leaders and practitioners in the Chinese market to exchange knowledge and share thoughts.

Attendees will receive a copy of the report《Ten Years of Responsible Investment In China》that was released in Sep. 2017.

特邀嘉宾 Guest Speaker



Chairman & Founding Partner

Robert Rubinstein, 荷兰TBLI集团 (Triple Bottom Line Investment Group)董事长及创始合伙人。TBLI Group创办于1998年,包括TBLI咨询™和TBLI论坛™。其使命是将ESG和三重底线文化和战略与跨国商业与投资实践相结合。Rubinstein先生是可持续投资和影响力投资领域具有代表性的领军人物。他作为实践者曾在多个国际商学院执教可持续金融课程,目前以讲座为主,并为养老基金、对冲基金、跨国企业提供三重底线投资的咨询和培训。







Mr. Rubinstein is the Chairman and Founding Partner of TBLI Group with headquarters in The Netherlands. The Company was founded in 1998 with the mission of integrating ESG and TBLI into the culture and strategy of international corporate business and investment companies. Mr. Rubinstein has been instrumental in championing Sustainable and Impact investment dedicated to solving social issues. 

He has taught courses in sustainable finance and currently delivers lectures at international Business Schools, and provides TBLI consulting and training for investment firms, pension funds, hedge funds, and international businesses, through what is now TBLI CONSULTING™ and TBLI CONFERENCE™.


Member of the Advisory Board of Ethical Markets

Member of the Advisory Board IMSA (International Sustainability Consultancy)

Member of the Advisory Board BNP Paribas Investment Partners (ESG)

Member of the Advisory Board Green Investment Forum

Member of board ASN Foundation


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14:00-14:10 Opening Remarks 主办方致辞

14:10-15:00 Keynote Speech 主旨分享


Family Wealth-management and ESG

Robert Rubinstein, 荷兰TBLI集团 (Triple Bottom Line Group)董事长及创始合伙人 

Chairman and Founding Partner of TBLI Group Holdings B.V.

15:00-16:00 Q&A提问和讨论

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中国责任投资论坛(China SIF)是成立于2012年的非营利交流平台,旨在探讨中国可持续投资、责任投资,促进资本市场的社会责任建设。China SIF不定期组织线上访谈和线下活动,邀请国内外专家分享其研究成果、工作经验、经典案例等。同时邀请投资机构、基金公司、上市公司代表、研究者以及相关媒体代表参与讨论。

About China Social Investment Forum (China SIF)

China SIF is a non-for-profit initiative that aims to develop a knowledge sharing platform in China for investors and other stakeholders to discuss SRI and ESG issues. China SIF invites guest speakers, including professionals from SRI organizations, and representatives from financial market home and abroad, to join online and/or offline discussions about future oriented investment in China. 

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